Bruce D. Melgar

CEO and President
  • BA & MS Entrepreneurship - Pepperdine University
  • Supply Chain Engineering Cert. - MIT
  • Former Project Manager - Cummins Inc.
  • Board of Director - CA Clean Air Coalition
  • President Obama’s Export Committee Member

Addison Stark, PhD

CTO and VP of Research & Development
  • PhD Chem. Engineering & Mathematics - MIT
  • BS & MS Mech. Engineering - University of Iowa
  • Sr. Analyst - Dept. of Energy / ARPA-E

James N. Birakos, PhD

Director of Gov. Relations & Public Policy
  • Former Executive, LA County APCD & SCAQMD
  • UCLA, CSU Los Angeles, CSU Long Beach
  • Named one of '25 People Who Shaped LA’ by Los Angeles Magazine

Jeff Wulff

  • Former CFO - LA Chemical Group
    (acquired by Bain Capital)
  • Western Regional CFO - Republic Waste Services
  • MBA - USC Marshall

Vinay Panwar, MSChE

Director of Process & Quality Assurance
  • MS Chem. Engineering - IIT Bombay
  • Regional Quality Assurance Manager - Intertek
  • Process Engineer - Novus Life Science

Marie McCarthy

Director of Supply Chain & Logistics
  • 35 years at Darling International
  • KMA Commodities
  • BS Business Administration - UCLA Anderson



Co-owners of the patented conversion technology and will oversee, engineer and guarantee the efficiency and output yields of the process technology. The Process Guarantee states that a minimum of 65% of all Fats, Oils, and Grease feedstocks fed into the process technology will convert to on-spec ASTM D975 Renewable Diesel.


North American operating entity for Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings, a multi-billion dollar industrial and specialty gas subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Group conglomerate. Matheson is building, will own and operate the hydrogen generator for the UrbanX Renewable Diesel operation.

Chemex Modular

Worldwide leader of modular refineries, gas processing and plant measurement systems. Chemex is working closely with the Chevron-ARA development team to produce engineering plans and will also build the 38 modular units at its fabrication facilities in Bakersfield and Houston.

CMac Refinery Construction

Specialty refinery and pipeline contractor that will be responsible for retrofitting the selected brownfield facility and pipeline infrastructure network, as well as installing the IsoConversion modular process technology.

Sysco Foods

The nation’s largest distributor of restaurant foodstuffs, goods, and supplies, will continue to work with UrbanX Group on the innovative Oil Lease Back Program where frying oil is leased, rather than sold to Sysco’s restaurant customers and once spent, collected by UrbanX Group’s fleet of vacuum trucks as part of the vertically integrated supply chain.